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Vo Si Tuan 27-03-07 09:13

The Vietnam Oil Spill
Dear colleagues and friends,

The South China Sea waters of central and southern Vietnam have been badly affected by a crude oil spill since 29th December 2006. The South China Sea Project Co-ordinating Unit office was recently contacted by the Vietnam Environment Protection Agency (VEPA) with regards to this. The oil spill continues to cause severe impacts on the coastal environment, aquaculture, and public health in Vietnam, although the source of the oil is still unknown.

This discussion forum has been created to facilitate online communication regarding this serious problem affecting the South China Sea. At present, the Vietnam Environment Protection Agency is particularly keen to receive any information from experts and other interested parties regarding:
  • The source of the oil spill,
  • Any recent oil spills that have occurred in coastal waters of neighbouring countries, and
  • Organisations that could assist VEPA in identifying the source of the oil spill.
Please post any information or comments here, or contact VEPA directly should you be able to assist them with this on-going problem.

VEPA’s Contact Details
Tel : (844) 822 4420
Fax : (844) 822 3189

Best regards,

Dr. Vo Si Tuan, Senior Expert
South China Sea Project Co-ordinating Unit :)

marufish 05-09-07 03:36

Latest Vietnam Upwelling Event
1 Attachment(s)
How is the current Southwest Monsoon driven upwelling at the Vietnamese coast? It is at its full peak now. Please kindly find the MODIS Aqua satellite chlorophyll a images in the attached file.

Currently, the VietHAB team is conducting sampling at the upwelling region for harmful algea bloom (HAB). Another group of scientist in the region is monitoring closely the ocean condition in the region everyday using the satellite in the space. The satellite remote sensing group is very keen to collaborate with other marine researchers in order to help to conserve the marine environment in the region.

Best regards,
CK Tan
Global Environment Information Centre
United Nations University
"The worlds' smallest university with largest netwrok."

jimdannock 21-08-08 07:18

It is really terrible for the Costal environment of Vietnam

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