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Chris Paterson 12-11-06 09:17

Humphead (Napolean) Wrasse and CITES
The Regional Working Group on Coral Reefs agreed during its Seventh Meeting in Sabah, Malaysia (10-13 July) to establish this e-forum topic in order to facilitate inter-sessional discussion of issues arising as a result of the listing of the Humphead (Napolean) Wrasse in Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Each member of the RWG-CR has been subscribed to this e-forum and will be notified as soon as a new message is posted in here.

Chris Paterson 08-12-06 08:52

Dear members of the Regional Working Group on Coral Reefs,

Just a friendly reminder that this e-forum is still here for your use. It might be a good start if each of you were to try and post a brief message introducing yourself in here.

Regards, Chris :)

Vo Si Tuan 11-12-06 03:35

A suggestion
Wrasse is an indicator of a number of coral reef monitoring programmes. May I suggest that some members of the working group will provide any figure related to the status of distribution and density of this species based on their monitoring activities.

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