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Chris Paterson 12-11-06 09:19

Wetland Inputs to the Regional Strategic Action Programme
The Regional Working Group on Wetlands agreed during its Seventh Meeting in Manilla (19-21 June) that they would establish this e-forum topic on to facilitate inter-sessional communication regarding the inputs of the wetlands sub-component to the Regional Strategic Action Programme. Each member of the RWG-W has been subscribed to this e-forum and will be notified as soon as a new message is posted in here.

Sansanee Choowaew 12-11-06 10:36

Dear members of the RWG-Wetlands,

I would like to draw your attention to the 1st component - "Research and Monitoring".


Thu Ha 12-11-06 10:37

Yes, I would like to remind everybody that the objectives of Component "Research and Monitoring" are:

to maintain and update the Regional Wetland GIS database and meta-database
to strengthen research for regional co-operation.

And we have already discussed and agreed on Sub-component and activities of the component. Now we need to a price for each activity. Firstly

1.1.1 Develop the guideline (handbook-ithink) for standardisation of techniques for wetlands resources assessment. For this activity, I think we at least two meeting (20 participants, 2 days) and the cost of editing, printing. So, it is about 100,000$

So, what do you think?

Sansanee Choowaew 12-11-06 10:37


1.1 Resource Assessment and Cultural Assessment
1.3 Socioeconomic and Cultural Assessment

Considering "Resource" in its broadest sense, these two sub-components can probably be combined.

If so, we can delete 1.3 and 1.3.1. What do you think?

Adding Thu Ha's input and detail, please further comment on:

1.1.1 Develop a regional handbook/manual for standardisation of techniques for wetland resource assessment (2 regional meetings during the first half of SAP; 3 days/meeting; 20 persons/meeting (2 from each country + resource persons); $100,000 (plus editing, translation (?), publication)


Chris Paterson 08-05-07 07:35

Just demonstrating the use of the e-forum during the 8th Meeting of the RWG-Wetlands.

John Pernetta 05-06-07 08:34

Proposed modification to SAP actions
Dear Colleagues,

In reveiwing the outcomes of the 8th regional workign group meeting in Shantou I felt that perhaps you had been a little zealous in yoru desie to reduce the costs (and hence the activities) in the wetlands component.

I have reviewed the contents of your annex and amended the activities as indicated in the attached table.

Your comments and amendments welcome

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