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Dear colleagues and friends,

Dr. Hangqing Fan recently provided the PCU with two videos from the Fanchenggang mangrove demonstration site in China. We have since loaded them to the South China Sea Project video library.

The first video is a 1.20 minute TV news story on a meeting between NGOs in Guangxi and the Fangchenggang Mangrove Friendly Association for the exchange information and experiences about mangrove management – click here.

The second video is a 12 minute TV documentary on the Fanchenggang mangrove site which highlights the work of the Fangchenggang Mangrove Friendly Association, eco-farming, training, and assessment of the effects of cold weather on mangroves – click here.

Dr. Fan informs me that both of these TV news stories generated a lot of publicity for the Fanchenggang site and mangrove management generally in southern China.

Best regards,

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