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Default Fisheries and Marine Protected Areas

Hello colleagues and friends,

Here are 15 recent articles on fisheries and marine protected areas, although very few draw on examples from Southeast Asia. Your contributions of papers covering local examples will be greatly appreciated. I also include some general fisheries management articles covering topics such as decentralisation and co-management in your countries.

Chris .
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File Type: pdf Benefits_Beyond_Boundaries_Effects_Fisheries_Reserves.pdf (178.5 KB, 3281 views)
File Type: pdf Can_Marine_Protected_Areas_be_Effective.pdf (213.0 KB, 2189 views)
File Type: pdf Critical_Science_Gap_No_Take_Zones_2005.pdf (171.7 KB, 1588 views)
File Type: pdf Do_Partial_Marine_Reserves_Protect_Fish_Stocks.pdf (384.4 KB, 2606 views)
File Type: pdf Economics_Protected_Areas_Marine_Resource_Management.pdf (169.4 KB, 1815 views)
File Type: pdf Life_History_Fishing_Pressure_Efficacy_Marine_Reserves.pdf (192.8 KB, 1639 views)
File Type: pdf Ratana_Ecosystem_Effects_Fishing_Marine_Reserves_2000.pdf (136.2 KB, 1862 views)
File Type: pdf Russ_Mare_Liberum_to_Mare_Reservarum_2003.pdf (86.4 KB, 2061 views)
File Type: pdf Barbier_Habitat_Fishery_Linkages_Mangroves_Thailand.pdf (5.44 MB, 1669 views)
File Type: pdf Connectivity_Recruitment_Variability_Reef_Fish_Communities.pdf (1.68 MB, 1599 views)
File Type: pdf Decentralisation_Fisheries_Management_Indonesia_2004.pdf (300.0 KB, 8991 views)
File Type: pdf Habitat_Quality_Reserve_Fisheries_Linkages_2003.pdf (3.58 MB, 1715 views)
File Type: pdf Importance_Big_Ones_Fisheries_Management.pdf (79.3 KB, 1612 views)
File Type: pdf Local_Knowledge_Fisheries_Management_Cambodia.pdf (1.33 MB, 1728 views)
File Type: pdf Ruddle_Traditional_Fisheries_Management_Vietnam_1998.pdf (1.24 MB, 1718 views)
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