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By now, all members of the Regional Working Group on Mangroves should be receiving e-mail notification as soon as a new post is made in this e-discussion. If you received an e-mail notification of this post, it would certainly help us at the PCU if you could send us a quick e-mail letting us know that this function is working.

On another note, and sorry to "hijack" Dr. Tri's topic, I thought you may be interested in the photos below of a mangrove walkway recently constructed on Koh Chang Island, Thailand. From the images it appears that mangroves have been removed for the construction of the walkway, and I also read on the internet that truck loads of earth were dumped on mangroves to construct the road leading into the site. It would be interesting to receive some comments about this from Dr. Sonjai or the Trat/Koh Chang demonstration site managers.

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