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Dear Members of the RWG-Fisheries,

It doesn’t seem long since we were on Belitung Island together, but the 9th Meeting of the Regional Working Group on Fisheries is quickly approaching. In addition to the meeting documents and guidance e-mailed to you this week, I have also prepared a general information regarding what we need to do during the upcoming meeting of the Regional Working Group on Fisheries, and to provide you with some recommendations regarding preparatory work that you can undertake in the lead-up to the meeting to ensure that we make this meeting a success. This document can be downloaded by clicking here.

I would also like to take this opportunity to personally invite you all to a dinner hosted by myself at an excellent beach side restaurant I know on the east-coast of Phu Quoc Island. This dinner will be on the evening of Wednesday 11th July. We will sample the strombus snails, swimming crabs, and mantis shrimp that are delicacies of the island. There will of course be other dishes served for the "cholesterol concerned" members and maybe a cold beer or two. Here are some pictures of the hotel where the meeting will be held:

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