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Default Midnight message from CP's desk

Hi Ms. Chee and all,

Originally Posted by Chee Phaik Ean View Post
Hi All in RWG-F,
I got back in one piece to Penang but only after a 7-hour wait at KLIA, ironical isn't it? All the best to all.
Glad to hear you got back in one piece ... but 7 hrs in KLIA certainly isn't what you deserved after your time spent at the helm of the meeting. To help ease the pain I just found this article online regarding the use of the refugia concept in Sarawak, Malaysia - use of the refugia concept in Malaysia. The author states:

Another initiative taken is the fisheries refugia or ‘no-take-zone’ where areas identified as the seasonal or ikan terubuk spawning areas is off-limits to fishermen at certain times. These fisheries refugia undergo specific management measures especially during the species critical stages of life cycle. Fisheries refugia are considered a critical part of fishing management, as the clupeiods are especially vulnerable to the impacts of high-level fishing activities in its spawning areas.
Having read the article my interpretation of the author's use of "no-take zone" is that he is actually referring to a "seasonal closure" in the place and during time of the year in which clupeiods spawn. Regardless of the differences in how terminology is use between our countries, it is great to see the "fisheries refugia" concept being picked up once again.

As a brief aside, Nygiel and I had a chat about the use of the Internet and interactive animations to help raise awareness/understanding of our work. I mentioned that I had recently come across this - Sustainable Fisheries Game Online - and promised to send it on to everyone.

We could easily do something like this which highlights the linkages between habitats and fish stocks (and of course the role of fisheries refugia). Please post any comments and ideas here and I'll get moving on putting a concept together for our consideration.

Cheers for now,

Chris .
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