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Default Inputs to the Strategic Action Programme

Dear members of the Regional Task Force on Economic Valuation (RTF-E),

This e-forum has been established to facilitate inter-sessional discussion regarding RTF-E inputs to the regional Strategic Action Programme.

You will recall that on the final day of last week's meeting each member of the Task Force was provided with a clean electronic version of the empirical dataset relating to the economic value of goods and services derived from coastal habitats. I am sure that you will also recall the commitment that each of you made to:
  • Check all data points against original data sources;
  • Correct/amend incorrect data in the spreadsheet using red text;
  • Answer questions contained in the comment boxes by typing text into the comment boxes;
  • Send the amended spreadsheets and supporting documentation to the PCU during the week beginning Monday 12th February 2007.
Please reply to this post or contact John or I by e-mail or telephone should you require any assistance or guidance in the completion of these tasks. You should receive notification of this post by e-mail and SMS.

Best regards, Chris .
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