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Default Reminder of Nomination Submission Deadline

Dear colleagues,

A reminder of the nomination submission deadline for the South China Sea training programme was sent to you today by e-mail. This update has also been posted on the SCS Training Programme Portal at

Several members of the network have sought clarification over the past week regarding the participation of project component focal points in the regional training courses. For those of you that took the time to read the RSTC training programme document you will recall that project component focal points are generally not eligible to participate in the regional courses. There is one exception to this - Chairs of the national committees (or project component focal points) are eligible to participate in the regional training course on Project Design, Planning and Financial Management.

Please don't forget the 23rd February deadline for the submission of nominations to your National Technical Focal Point (NTFP). The contact details for each of your respective NTFPs are included in the e-mail sent to you today and can also be accessed in the Partner Network section of the project website.

Best regards,

Chris Paterson
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