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Default Cost Benefit Analysis

Dear Colleagues,

I hope youall had a nice flight back to your respective countries.

I have been thinking about the sources of benefits derived from the habitats. These are either prevention of the loss of existing habitats or the creation of habitats.

In our case, both loss prevention and habitat generation are present in the SAP. For seagrass, wetlands and coral reefs the source of benefits are the prevention of the loss of habitat.

For mangrove, both are present. Creation of habitat can be realized by replanting/reforesting 166.000+ hectares with mangrove species. Prevention of loss of habitat can be realized by placing the existing areas under SD management regime.

That being the case, I do not think that it is appropriate to include or add the value generated by the areas whose disappearance is prevented with the actions under SAP (as proposed by our eminent Chair). It will be double counting the benefits since precisely, the benefits we are speaking of are brought about by the prevention of habitat loss.

On the other hand, the benefits derived from creating the habitat (as in replanting), are the only benefits generated by the action. Non-action will mean that the area will lie idle and no benefits can be derived therefrom.

Therefore, the benefits we identified and quantified in the meeting are the total benefits generated by the actions under the SAP.

Noel Eusebio
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