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Dear colleagues and friends,

The following is a brief overview of the replanting of seagrass in southern Thailand’s Trang Province (Ta Kham Sub-District, Pa Lian District).The community has provided the following advice regarding the replanting of seagrass:

1. The soil condition in the area should suit the species to be replanted,
2. The area in which seagrass will be replanted should not be affected by strong waves or wind,
3. The seagrass to be replanted should be taken from seagrass beds with high seagrass density,
4. The leaves of seagrass to be replanted should be cut to 1/3 of their original length to reduce the impact of water currents while they are taking root,
5. Newly planted seagrass plants require a few months to take root,
6. Planting should be avoided during the monsoon season, and if a seagrass is planted at the end of one monsoon season it should have taken root before the next monsoon season.

The seagrass replanting activity depicted in the images below took place a few months ago and so far approximately 70-80% of the seagrass has survived. Replanting will resume after the monsoon period with the support of Rotary. I will make sure I keep you all updated regarding future experiences at this site.

Best regards,


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