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Dear members of the RTF-E,

First Amendments to the MoUs
The proposed first amendments to the Memoranda of Understanding between your organisations/institutes and UNEP were sent to you today via e-mail. Please contact me immediately via e-mail ( or telephone (662 288 1116) if you do not receive this document.

The proposed amendment contains a draft operational budget in Table 2. Please insert your budget requirements for the execution of the economic valuation tasks from 2007 to 30th June 2008 into this table, and return the document to the PCU via e-mail ( and fax (662 288 1094). Please copy all e-mail communications to Ms. Saranya ( You are reminded that the proposed budgets can only be used for new agreed activities and cannot be used to refinance unfinished tasks from the original MoU.

Seventh Meeting of the RTF-E (12th to 15th March 2007)
There is now very little time remaining before the seventh meeting of the RTF-E in China. It would be appreciated if all members could do their best to send the revised/corrected datasets of economic values to the PCU by the 12th February deadline. The meeting documents for the seventh meeting are now available online – please click here.

Best regards,

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