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Default In-country Workshop in China

Dear Friends,

Greetings - hope everyone is well and expect everyone is as busy as Xiao Qiu! Ong is away in Okinawa for the Pacific Science Congress/ISME conference - he said that there is some interesting stuff on mangroves and tsunami (received before the conference) that he will email all of us when he returns. I am busy too - just started sorting out my videos and tapes of the alst 35 years and yes, I have had to throw 90% of the VCDs and tapes out due to fungus - I shudder to think what happens when I start looking at photographic slides. Su Bo - have you backed up all your slides onto VCDs yet?

Thanks to Zhou, Qiu and colleagues for invitation to attend the Chinese in-country workshop. I will not be able to join you but would like to take this opportunity to wish you a successful forum. And, I look forward to seeing you in March/April next year for the RWG-mangrove meeting in Beihai. I expect we will be seeing Phuong there as well (as a member of the RWG?)

Best wishes,

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