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Default Just a gentle reminder

Dear Colleagues,

I have just been copy editing the report of the 8th meeting of the RWG-M prior to sending it for princting and was renminded of our agreements regarding the e-forum. Under item 5.3.12 it was agreed that memebrs would take responsibility on a monthly basis for stimulating discussion and use of the forum as per the following list:

May Dr. Gong
June Dr. Fan
July Mr Vongwattana
August Mr. Koh
September Mr. Santoso
October Mr. Barangan
November Dr. Sonjai
December Dr. Pernetta
January Dr. Hoang Tri
February New Vietnamese Focal Point
March Dr Gong
April Dr. Fan

Well done Gong for getting things going but what happened Dr. Fan in June and Mr. Vongwaatana in July?

I note also that we agreed under agenda item 13 to post photographs for possible inclusion in the cookbook and that Dr. Fan agreed to provide something regarding sipunculid worms and Dr. Sonjai something relating to pickled sesarmid crabs and their use in Som Tam.

Perhaps Dr. Fan can get us going again with some photos and recipes for sipunculid worms, particularly the ones fried with white sesame seeds - delicious!

Regards to you all
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