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Default China Echo Seminar on Mangrove Training Course

Dear colleagues,
China Echo seminar of Mangrove Training Course was convened at Beilun Estuary National Ecological Reserve, Fangchenggang, China, from 30th June to 2nd July 29, 2007.
Forty five participants were attended in the training course. The represents were from SCS Fangchenggang Demo sites(Beilun Reserve), Shankou Mangrove National Natural Reserve, project execution institution(Guangxi Mangrove Research Center), schools, NGO, enterprise(Xindi Company) and department of land resources administration, oceanic administration, forestry and environmental protection.
The content of the training course were as follow (to be translated into English):
Wise-use of Mangrove and Managerial Economics
Mo Zhucheng
Mangrove Rehabilitation
Mo Zhucheng
Mangrove Management and Restoration
Mo Zhucheng
Introduction to Mangroves
Mo Zhucheng
Mangrove Productivity
Mo Zhucheng
Mangrove Structure & Function /Mangrove Goods & Services
Zhou Haolang
Mangrove Animal Diversity
Zhou Haolang
Economic Valuation on Mangrove Ecosystem
Zhou Haolang
Mangrove & Aquaculture/Silvofisheries
Zhou Haolang
Mangrove Plant Diversity in SE Asia
Qiu Guanglong
Mangrove Ecotourismin in SE Asia
Qiu Guanglong
Matang Mangrove Management ExperienceConsideration on Mangrove Sustainble Utilization
Su Bo
Strengthen Cooperation, To Conserve the Mangrove Togethe- Reflections on Establishing Mangrove Conserving Network in SE Asia
Su Bo

Still, there were some interactive discussions (See photos) and fieldtrips during the training course.
It’s too late tonight; I think I will upload some more photos tomorrow. And probably Zhou and Mo will post more photos (they are more wonderful) soon……
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